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What Are The Key Differences in Skin Moisturizers and Skin Serums?

Many people want to know the difference in their moisturizer and serum that came in a full facial kit. A serum is designed to be applied to a clean face and is often a way to deliver potent products straight to the source. It should go underneath a quality moisturizer but only after the serum has had time to really soak into the skin. The moisturizer will hold the serum in place and lock in extra moisture, and many women apply their sunscreen and foundation after their serum and moisturizer dries in the morning or they only apply serums at night.
No matter the product you choose, check out our hydration sprayer that puts the moisture directly on your face. Dehydration can happen when you do not have enough water inside you, but also when the air is too dry around you. This is unhealthy for the skin and even makes you more susceptible to contagious airborne illness. Our hydration sprayer increases humidity around your face increasing moisture retention of our high quality products.
Many people will purchase a new skin care product, love what it does to their skin immediately and even report increased improvement over time, but then run out and stop using the product before they can see the long term results that come from using a quality skin care product for several months in a row. To get full benefits from your favorite skin moisturizers and skin serums be sure to continue to use them over time. Also remember your sunscreen during the day so you are not counteracting all the great progress your night creams are doing for your skin.

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