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4 Sets 0.6 Classic Care Serum + 4 Sets of 0.9 Intensive Plus Serum+ 1

Set of Permium Masks, 1 Set of Pro-Regeneration Eye Creams+1 set of Pro Regeneration Face Cream+1 set of Intensive Pro Regeneration Face Cream

OJESH Pro Regeneration Eye Cream
DMS technology
Cream with high-quality skin caring substances (phosphatidylcholine, shea butter, ceramides, squalene, natural moisturizers), without emulsifiers. Easily spread and fast penetrating cream; moisturizing eye contours, antioxidant seductive eyes. A rich, luxurious cream that works to enhance skin’s vitality and structure of the skin.

OJESH Pro Regeneration Face Cream
Choose a streamlined and safe formula. Does not contain mineral oil, pigments, chemical emulsifiers, essence, and preservatives. Gentle and efficient formula can adapt to the needs of all types of skin.

Pro Regeneration Face Cream recommended for normal to oily skin types

Intensive Pro Regeneration Face Cream recommended for normal & dry skin types

Combo Price $720 (Total Saving: $163, Original $883)

Ojesh Serum+Permium Masks+All Creams Set

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