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Misting spray provides the nourishment your skin needs without ruining or running your makeup. The automatic spray provides a gentle, even cover that feels light and refreshing.


Sprayer usage instruction:
1. Make sure to fully charge first time use.
2. Remember to add water before adding serum.
3. If the sprayer not spraying mist, can be causing by pressure, just shake it.
4. Remember to use it all within 24 hours. After use rinse it with a little water, but be careful not to get wet under the battery to cause the short circuit to break.
5. If you find that the mist became smaller , wipe the spray port with a cotton swab.
6. Do not put it in a damp environment such as a bathroom, and it is easy to be damaged by the moisture.

The Nano Misting Facial Spray is a rechargeable spray-charging cable included. 

OJESH Nano Misting Spray

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